The Oliver Model 21HD Drill Pointer represents the finest approach for sharpening small drills that is available on the market today. Tests have shown the procedure used for sharpening larger drills on most conventional drill points cannot be depended upon for sharpening smaller drills. It is very difficult to locate off the flutes of small drills and therefore, the Oliver method of chucking the drill on the ground margins insures a much higher degree of accuracy.

The Oliver Model 21HD Drill Pointer is a complete precision machine tool for accurately grinding drills from 3/32” to 1/2” diameters. The familiar Oliver point, having increased clearance as the center of the drill is approached, is produced on this unit. The style of grind shows up to advantage on drills approximately 1/8” diameter and larger. The unusual grinding action is obtained by means of cam actuated swivel bearing which moves the drill in a horizontal plane while being swiveled vertically. The Model 21HD will also produce the standard conventional constant clearance drill point if desired.

  • Easy to use
  • Accurately grinds from 3/32" to 1/2" diameter drills
  • Precision grinding for applications requiring a perfect hole
  • Longer lasting drills with burr-free holes
A large 5” diameter cup wheel is utilized to minimize grinding wheel changes. A built in diamond dresser trues the face of the wheel in the same plane at all times regardless of the included angle you wish to grind on the drill point. The drill is first inserted in the drill holder and then positioned for length to a built in setting gage to control the amount of clearance required. After clamping the drill in place, the holder is inserted in the trigger grip assembly. The first cutting lip is ground and then the holder is reversed to permit the grinding of the second cutting lip. This method is simple, positive and accurate.

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